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Invading zim would cause chaos by dr firoz osman

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There is little doubt that some form of action needs to be taken to alleviate the immense suffering of the Zimbabwean people. However, the danger of invasion is getting bogged down into a quagmire without resolving the problem, with no satisfactory exit strategy.

The history of past invasion and occupation by mainly Western countries has been for political reasons disguised as interventions for altruistic purposes.

A review of some the cited examples in Europe, Africa and the Middle East makes this clear.

The illegal invasion of Iraq, ostensibly to remove the American-supported dictator Saddam Hussein, was simply to gain control of the oil supplies and to protect Israel.

The issues of democracy, protection for the Kurds, liberation of the people of Iraq, and his ambitions to make an atomic bomb served as a pretext for the invasion.

The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan is another example.

The fundamentalist rule by the Taliban, the harbouring of Osama bin Laden, suppression of women, and support for al-Qaeda provided a useful veil for the invasion.

Somalia, Bosnia and Kosovo still remain powder kegs on the verge of explosion.

The probable invasion of Iran by the US and Israel is likely to cause unprecedented upheaval and turmoil throughout the world.

This, because Iran insists on its legitimate right to pursue developing nuclear energy, a right that is guaranteed under international law.

Unfortunately, the United Nations has become a willing tool to endorse the illegal designs of the superpowers and their allies by passing resolutions under duress.

The case for an invasion of Zimbabwe after its sham democratic elections is weakened because of the world's double standards.

Mugabe rigged the elections through intimidation, coercion, and violence.

Yet, in Palestine, a free and fair election endorsed by the entire world and which saw Hamas victorious led to a boycott of the government and a policy of mass starvation instituted against its people.

It is time to review the system of pseudo-democracy by which immoral and self-serving leaders ascend to the centres of power to amass wealth and unleash savagery to those opposing their rule.

This does not only apply to the tin-pot dictators in the developing world, but particularly to the so-called Western democracies who, under the cloak of humanitarian intervention, brutalise and murder millions throughout the world.

Firoz Osman


Published on the web by Star on July 4, 2008.


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