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Jewish settlers beat tied palestinian man in west bank

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Activists videoed a settler kicking Palestinian teacher, the victim, as he remained tied up and was surrounded by Israeli soldiers.

A group of Jewish settlers on Saturday beat a 31-year-old Palestinian man in the southern Hebron Hills, after having tied him to a telephone pole, Israeli newspaper Haarezt reported.

Left-wing activists later videoed a settler kicking Madahat Abu-Kirash, the victim, as he remained tied up and was surrounded by Israeli soldiers.

“I was beaten by the settlers for about 40 minutes. They hit me all over my body, but mainly in the head, the stomach, the pelvis and the shoulders. I lost consciousness a few times, and when I woke up I called out to the soldiers who were there, ‘Help, stop them, help me,’ but they didn’t move,” the man, Abu Karash, told Israeli news website Ynet on Sunday morning.

Abu Karash, a teacher, received medical treatment at the Hebron hospital. He was released after doctors diagnosed him as suffering from internal injuries.

After returning home, he told Ynet, “I was working with a number of Palestinian farmers on our lands, when we noticed a fire not far away. We tried to put it out, but were suddenly attacked by four settlers. They took control of me and dragged me into their outpost, several meters away.”

The Palestinian said he was tied to a pole at the outpost. “They made me take off my shoes, and used the laces to tie my hands. I was forced to walk on thistles the entire time, and it was very painful.”

According to Abu Karash, after 40 minutes of being tied to a pole, the soldiers began moving closer to him. “I thought they were finally going to end my suffering, but to my surprise, the settlers began shouting at the soldiers. It was clear the troops were carrying out the settlers’ orders.”

Ta’ayush members said “When we arrived at the scene there were already lots of the army’s troops. I saw a settler approach him and kick him, as he was tied to the pole… [Abu-Kirash’s] whole body was bound up, I saw they bandaged a head wound and he was half unconscious,” said a Ta’ayush activist who was present during the incident.

A month ago, the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem released a video which showed the start of an assault on Palestinian farmers by masked, stick-wielding Israeli settlers.

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