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Ioa retains closure of Gaza crossings

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IOA retains closure of Gaza crossings

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has decided to continue closing the commercial crossings of the Gaza Strip on Thursday contrary to Egyptian diplomatic sources’ affirmation that they would be reopened on Thursday.

The Hebrew radio said that an evaluation session held by Israeli security apparatuses had resolved to continue closing the crossings, which were shut down since Wednesday. It added that another evaluation would be made to decide whether to open them on Friday and to agree on the amount of goods allowed into the Strip in the event it was reopened.

An Egyptian diplomatic source told Ramattan news agency that the IOA would reopen the crossing on Thursday. The IOA had shut down those crossings after the Islamic Jihad Movement fired a couple of home made rockets on the Israeli settlement of Sderot in retaliation to the Israeli murder of its field commander in Nablus.

The sources underlined that Egypt was persisting in efforts to maintain the calm agreement between the Palestinian resistance factions and the IOA in Gaza.

For its part, the PA caretaker government in Gaza strongly denounced the IOA closure decision that entailed halting supplying basic needs to the Strip.

It said that the closure and the firing at Palestinian farmers east of Khan Younis were in violation of the calm agreement. It urged Egypt to immediately intervene to halt such violations. *Source: Palestine Information Centre