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Note transcript of video rev kenneth meshoe speaking to his supporters

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Note: The Media Review Network (MRN) is alarmed at remarks made by ACDP leader Rev. Kenneth Meshoe. Not only has he campaigned vociferously for unquotational support of Israel, he has also now resorted to fuelling Islamophobia. What we find equally outrageous is his lauding of the apartheid National Party government’s support for Israel and linking such support as being responsible for allowing apartheid not to sink.

For details on the radio debate held on 26/06/2008 between Rev. Meshoe and MRN Chairman, Iqbal Jassat go to the following link: (Site currently under construction)

Below follows a transcript of the video: Rev. Kenneth Meshoe speaking to his supporters. To listen to his talk, view the video by following the link:

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Dr. Firoz Osman
Media Review Network

Zionist Christian, leader of the ACDP, Rev. Kenneth Meshoe’s shocking claims on 9-11, Ariel Sharon’s coma, Obama and Apartheid South Africa’s support for Israel.

Transcript of video: Rev. Kenneth Meshoe speaking to his supporters

“There are other countries that I believe God wants us to help. Now we need to talk about this because it is God’s appointed time. The other country we need to help is Israel. I am very concerned about what’s happening in the US at the moment. It looks like the Democratic Party is going to win, if we judge on what is happening right now. I mean they still have a number of months but anything can happen but judging from what’s happening now looks like Hillary Clinton will win and Ossa …Obama might be (unintelligible). Obama who is a Muslim might be his deputy. Now if the Democratic Alliance..the Democratic Party in America wins, they are going to change their position against Israel. They are going to turn against Israel. Some people do not understand the importance of standing with Israel. Some people don’t understand it. Let me say one or two things about it. Genesis 12:3 That the Lord says those who bless you I will bless and those who curse you, I will curse. Let me paint two scenarios for you. During the height of Apartheid in South Africa, when South Africa was isolated, when South Africa was hated by many nations and countries in the world..actually all countries… do you know that Kenyan passport was endorsed authorized to travel all over the world except South Africa. South Africa was almost like a swearword…. almost like a swearword. During that time the wise thing that was done by the National Party government for them not to see the country sink was to stand with Israel. The National Party government prayed for Israel, they stood with Israel and I’m told the Israeli jets were refueling in .er .what’s .. … Woodspruit. Er.. ok….They were having…Because South Africa stood with Israel God ensured that it does not sink even though her back was against the wall. Alright? Today America owes IMF and the World Bank much more than Zimbabwe owes. Some people don’t know that. America owes more than Zimbabwe. And yet America’s economy is still strong today. What’s the secret? America stands with Israel. And the Gods of Israel is stopping them from collapsing. When the Twin Towers.. I just forgot something important I’ll come back to that when (unintelligible) but today I can’t commit myself..I forgot. When the Twin Towers were bombed, it was after a decision that was made by Congress against Israel I forgot was told I forgot what happened but God allowed that to happen to shake them. If you realize..if you remember Ariel Sharon, the former prime minister of Israel is still in a coma today. When did he go into a coma? After forcing his people to leave Judea and Samaria…he went into the coma. It’s true. This is history. Look at the facts. What am I saying friends: those who bless Israel, God has promised to bless them. So now if the Democratic Party of the US wins the elections 2008, and then Israel in the United Nations has nobody standing with them. Let me put it this way: if the Democratic Party wins the elections in 2008 to me that will almost be like a guarantee that the ACDP is going to win in 2009 so that we can stand with Israel in (unintelligible). So watch American politics, watch American politics. I say if the Democratic Party wins the elections, knowing that they are going to turn against Israel and Israel will be without somebody standing with them in the United Nations, to me that will be like a one hundred percent guarantee that 2009 appointed time will be manifested. Because we must stand with Israel. The African continent has to change her attitude towards Israel. Many leaders on the continent who have betrayed their people have taken bribes from the Muslims. Ok? They have taken bribes.But Islam cannot do anything for the continent of Africa. They cannot do anything for the continent of Africa. Those who know what the Israeli scientists can do..those who read, check who won the most Nobel Peace prizes The most were won by Israelis because there is just something that God has decided to do with that nation. That’s why he says those who stand with me.. those who bless them, he is going to bless them. So they have their expertise, they have the qualifications to help Africa out of poverty In famine they are among the best. They know how to make a desert to blossom. They know how to do that. So they can help us. I’m telling you I know they want to help us. That is why it’s important that ACDP must help Israel. Even if it means that the Lord allows ACDP to win the elections just to stand with Israel..God is going to do that. God is going to do that. Those who bless them, he is going to do what? …he is going to bless.”