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Iof troops kill 78 palestinian children kidnap 260 others within six months

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The IOF troops killed 78 Palestinian children, and kidnapped more than 2,500 Palestinian citizens, including 260 children, throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip since the start of this year, a report issued by the Nafha society asserted.

The society, which caters for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, explained that 1500 of the kidnapped Palestinian citizens were from the West Bank, in addition to hundreds of Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip rounded up by the IOF troops during military incursions into the tiny Strip.

The report also added that 13 Palestinian women were among the arrested citizens, including human rights activist Ahlam Johar who was later on forcibly deported to Jordan.

According to the report, the West Bank cities of Nablus and Al-Khalil had the biggest number of the arrested citizens of 465 and 450 citizens respectively, while in Bethlehem city 220 cases were reported in addition to tens others in the West Bank and the Strip.

Moreover, the information bureau in the society highlighted that the Israeli occupation army killed 480 Palestinian citizens since the start of January of this year, including 19 children and 12 women killed in the month of March alone that witnessed also the death of 126 Palestinian citizens with IOF troops’ bullets and missiles.

A total of 29 Palestinian women were killed at the hands of the Israeli occupation soldiers over the past six months, the report revealed.
*Source: Palestine Information Centre