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Iof troops raid 3 mosques in the ramallah district

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IOF troops raided on Wednesday evening the village of Silwad, to the north east of Ramallah and stormed the Abu Obeida Mosque at the centre of the village, more troops raided the village Shiqba to the west of Ramallah.

Locals at Silwad reported that more than 25 military vehicles carrying tens of occupation soldiers raided their village around 10:30 pm and that the occupation soldiers ransacked the mosque and its library.

They also reported that the invading troops confiscated 5 computers used in the mosque’s library in addition to paper files in the library.

Shiekh Yaser Hamed, the mosque’s Imam said that the attack on the mosque reflects disrespect for faith and places of worship.

A Palestinian youth who was present in the vicinity of the mosque suffered an unprovoked assault by the invading occupation soldiers.

More IOF troops raided the village of Shiqba to the west of Ramallah and stormed and ransacked the village’s mosque as well as homes and shops.

Locals said that around six military vehicles raided the village, Thursday around 1:00 am and searched the village’s mosque  before storming a number of homes and a mobile phone shop and confiscating a number of computers.

Local sources in the village of Beit Rima to the north of Ramallah also reported that IOF troops raided, at dawn Thursday, the village and ransacked the mosque before confiscating a computer and a number of books.

*Source: Palestine Information Centre