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Islamic countries to curb Isaraeli settlement expansion

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Abu Halabia asks Arab, Islamic countries to curb Israeli settlement expansion

MP Dr. Ahmed Abu Halabia has called on the Arab and Islamic countries to immediately step in and curb the Israeli settlement expansion in occupied Jerusalem.

In a press release on Monday, the lawmaker called on Amre Mousa, the Arab league secretary general, and on the organization of Islamic conference to expose the Israeli scheme before the world and to put an end to it in its capacity as an infringement on Islamic and Christian holy shrines in occupied Jerusalem.

Denouncing the Israeli decision to build more settlement units in the occupied holy city, Abu Halabia said that the measure constituted an attack on the Arab and Islamic Ummah (Nation).

He described the Israeli construction plan as “illegal” since it allows building Israeli housing units on Palestinian Jerusalemite lands.

The MP, who is the head of the Jerusalem committee in the PLC, said that the Israeli decision is “null and void” because it sanctions construction of houses on occupied Palestinian lands.

He asked PA chief Mahmoud Abbas to halt all contacts with the Israeli occupation, especially when it only entailed more massacres, incursions and colonization and judaization of Palestinian lands especially in Jerusalem.

Abu Halabia appealed to the Arab and Muslim masses to organize protest rallies to expose occupation’s practices especially the escalating judaization attempts. He also asked the Arab and Islamic parliaments to spearhead such protest moves ** Source: Palestine-Information Centre