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Israel begins building big settlement project near aqsa mosque

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Israel begins building big settlement project near Aqsa Mosque

The Aqsa foundation for the reconstruction of Islamic shrines warned that Zionist organizations are embarking on establishing and marketing a massive settlement project overlooking the Aqsa Mosque on the Mount Zeitoun in the Ras Al-Amud area.

During an inspection tour of the Mount Zeitoun, a commission of the Aqsa foundation found out that Zionist settlement organizations were accelerating the construction of 60 settlement units where they started to build the foundations of the project that are located in the middle of Arab houses.

The foundation pointed out that the Zionist organizations confiscated the Palestinian lands on which these settlement units are being built.

The foundation also discovered that Jewish organizations and companies are marketing this settlement project through many promotional materials including a documentary film showing the settlement units surrounding the Aqsa Mosque on the southeastern corner while Israeli settlers are working hard to finish the project.

The foundation said that one of the prominent supporters of this settlement project is a Zionist American businessman called Meskovich who has already financed many settlement and Judaization projects in Jerusalem.

* Source: Palestine-Info Centre