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Israel converting aqsa cemetery into public park

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MP: Israel converting Aqsa cemetery into public park

Dr. Ahmed Abu Halabia, the rapporteur of the Quds committee in the PLC, has warned that the Israeli occupation authority was planning to convert the Babul Rahma cemetery, southeast of the holy Aqsa Mosque into a public park.

The MP said in a press release on Wednesday that the IOA was moving the cemetery into an unknown location with the aim of converting it into a park.

He charged that the step was meant to wipe out landmarks and relics whether Islamic or Christian in the holy city. He said that the cemetery is one of the important Islamic landmarks in occupied Jerusalem.

The IOA is currently removing all 30 graves out of the cemetery, he said, noting that some of them were Prophet Mohammed’s Sahaba (companions).

Abu Halabia asked Jordan, the Organization of Islamic Conference and the Arab League to immediately intervene to stop the IOA policy of judaizing occupied Jerusalem and to halt the systematic IOA plan to obliterate Islamic and Christian landmarks in Jerusalem.

* Source: Palestine-Info Centre