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More palestinian children die due to Isaraeli siege on Gaza

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More Palestinian children die due to Israeli siege on Gaza

A ten-month old Palestinian infant has joined on Thursday the caravan of sick Palestinian citizens who died due to the Israeli blockade and closure of the crossings of Gaza Strip, raising to 46 the number of children who died due to the siege, Palestinian medical sources revealed.

More than 211 Palestinian citizens, including children, women, and elderly people died as a result of the unjust Israeli siege on Gaza Strip since June of last year. The IOA denied sick Palestinians permits to seek medical treatment outside the Gaza Strip.

The PA health ministry identified the victim as Waseem Iyad Hammad of the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanon, saying that Hammad was the nineteenth victim since the IOA accepted the clam agreement in the Gaza Strip.

On Thursday morning, another Palestinian child identified as Emad Al-Owaini, 6, died after the IOA refused to grant him departure permit.

But the ministry accused the Israeli occupation government of not abiding by its obligations towards the Palestinian people as stipulated in the truce agreement, and refused to open the border crossings, especially the vital Rafah crossing, in order to allow Palestinian patients to travel abroad for proper medical treatment.

The ministry also warned of the Israeli organized targeting of Palestinian children, asserting that the international community should immediately intervene with the aim to stop the Israeli "organized ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip".

In addition, the ministry urged the UNICEF and all international bodies catering for the protection and welfare of children world-wide to carry out their mandates in protecting the children of occupied Palestine in the face of Israeli crimes against them.

* Source: Palestine-Info Centre