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Joint press release

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A Call To Israel: " Lift The Siege On Gaza"

The Muslim Judicial Council and Media Review Network forwards its support and well wishes to the representatives of the 42 countries, who through their concern and consciousness of the plight of the people of Gaza, gathered in Egypt for a noble attempt to March for the Freedom of Gaza, gain global support and pressure Israel into lifting the siege.

It is with pride that we have witnessed humanity standing up with strong convictions to defend an embattling nation against a brutal and powerful occupation army in order to allow another people an opportunity to live a life of freedom and dignity.  

While we witnessed representatives from various countries STANDING UP, Egypt has failed this noble cause by towing the line in favour of Israeli policy at the expense of humanity through its senseless limitation of activists attending the Freedom March into Gaza.  We urge the Egyptian government to rethink its position as supporters of evil and oppression will be judged alongside its allies.  

Historically, global resistance success was always led by a united and committed front, a position reiterated by South African’s who rejected Egypt’s limitation by expressing an “all or none” position for the attendees of the lift the siege protest march.  

Success cannot be achieved if the mission is divided, so the united message to Israel and its allies is: “Lift the siege and allow Gaza to breathe”.  

Dr. Firoz Osman
Media Review Network
Cell: 082 337 6976

Nabeweya Malick                                                                                                                                     
Public Affairs & Media,
Muslim Judicial Council    
Cape Town
Cell: 083 408 1157