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Letter to mercedes benz

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Letter to Mercedes Benz


 Mercedes Benz SA


 The Media Review Network (MRN) is in possession of an email (see Attachment) being circulated by your Tax Manager Mr. Frank Booyzen. The letter accompanying the photographs and written in Afrikaans, smacks of 42and hate speech.

 At the outset, let me reiterate that the MRN denounces and condemns this most barbaric act in the strongest possible terms. What we also condemn is the failure of  Mr. Booyzen to verify the authenticity of the information provided by the caption of the photographs, that the act was  committed in the name of Islam and by Muslims in Iran. Nowhere in his article does he provide evidence that authenticates these assumptions.

 The Media Review Network is appalled that Mercedes Benz –SA, a company of repute, allows a senior staff member to abuse company time and resources to disseminate such unsubstantiated and distorted information.

  We therefore urge you to conduct an internal inquiry regarding this matter followed by appropriate disciplinary action.

 We expect too an apology from Mr. Booyzen to the Muslim Community of SA for this most insensitive Islamophobic conduct.

 Awaiting your urgent response,

  Yours Sincerely

 Ibrahim Vawda

 Snr Researcher

 Media Review Network