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Media release demonstration in support of the Egyptian uprising

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Issued by: Coalition for a Free Palestine, South African Municipal Workers Union, Palestine Solidarity Committee, Palestine Solidarity Alliance

30 January 2011

The heroic masses of Egypt have risen up against the decades-old corrupt dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak. Taking inspiration from the intifada in Tunisia, for six days, Egyptian protesters have been demanding that Mubarak be ejected from the office he has held for 30 years, demanding affordable prices for basic foods, and demanding jobs. Close to 200 protestors have been murdered by the security forces as they attempt to exercise their democratic rights.

As South Africans watch the unfolding36in the north of our continent, it reminds us too of our own uprisings: Sharpeville, Soweto, Langa… and spurs us on to express our solidarity with the people of Egypt and Tunisia who remain steadfast in their determination to rid themselves of corrupt and oppressive dictators.

International solidarity organisations, together with social movement activists, members of trade unions and Egyptians in South Africa have come together to celebrate the uprisings of the Egyptians and Tunisians and people’s power globally – whether in the Arab world or in Zimbabwe and Swaziland. We echo the calls of our people in the north of Africa who are demanding bread, jobs, dignity and democracy. Our anger is also directed at the tremendous support successive United States administrations have given to shore up dictators like Mubarak in the region and their collaboration with Israel and Israeli occupation.

Legions of commentators and politicians have declared that mass democratic action is a relic of the past, but36unfolding in Tunisia and Egypt have proved them all wrong. Making shoddy unmandated compromises behind closed doors, as the recent ‘Palestine Papers’ have shown, has wholly discredited the US, Israel and their fixers like Tony Blair. Instead, mass democratic action is bringing about real change, and dictators who once believed themselves to be untouchable are now shaking in their palaces!

In South Africa we must now re-exerciseour own mass democratic action to show solidarity with the courageous people of North Africa. Mass democratic action can move mountains!Wedemand that the democratic South African government, which itself came to power as a result of the mass action of millions of South Africans, distances itself from the US and other friends of Israeli Apartheid benton propping up Mubarak. The ANC Government must take the lead in the world, and publicly align itself with the courageous peoples of Egypt and Tunisia and their fight for democracy.

Over the next weeks, a number of activities will be held in solidarity with these struggles. These activities will kick off with a demonstration outside the Egyptianembassy in Pretoria, with South Africans repeating the calls of our Egyptian comrades: “Mubarak out”, “Affordable food”, “Jobs now”, “Democracy and dignity”.

Where: Embassy of Egypt, 270 Bourke Street, Muckelneuk, PretoriaWhen: 14:30, Friday, 4 February 2011

For more information, call:

Samantha Hargreaves – 083 384 0088Steve Faulkner – 082 817 5455Melissa Hoole – 084 5742674Salim Vally – 082 802 5936