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Press release Isaraeli effort to retain mubarak deplored

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Media Review Network is appalled that Israel is lobbying behind-the-scenes to undermine Egypt’s mass-based revolution.

A report in Haa’retz reveals that Israel is lobbying frantically to prevent the toppling of Hosni Mubarak, thus directly interfering with a core demand of the protesters. This attempt by the Netanyahu regime is deplorable and we therefore condemn it unreservedly.

Anti-Mubarak protesters aspire for a free, independent democratic Egypt. Many of their spokespersons, including former IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei have correctly argued against “cosmetic reforms” under the current dictatorship and demand that Mubarak has to go!

Revelations now about Israeli anxiety and underhand tactics to persuade the European Union, America and other countries to hang onto Mubarak is viewed by us as an affront against the masses of Egyptians.

We call on these countries and South Africa to adopt a clear, unambiguous position in line with the legitimate aspirations of the people. We also call on them to dismiss Israel’s despicable lobbying to retain Mubarak’s reign of terror. Egypt’s three decades of dictatorship and notorious emergency laws whereby fundamental liberties have been severely compromised, cannot be tolerated any longer. 

Iqbal Jassat                       


Media Review Network

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