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Palestinian factions back comprehensive national dialogue to heal internal rift

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Palestinian factions: "The alliance of Palestinian forces"

Palestinian factions back comprehensive, national dialogue to heal internal rift

"The alliance of Palestinian forces" in Damascus has advocated a comprehensive, national dialogue in order to heal the internal Palestinian rift with the participation of all factions and parties.

In a statement issued on Wednesday at conclusion of a meeting on Tuesday evening in the Syrian capital, the factions appreciated the positive atmosphere that has prevailed in the Palestinian arena lately.

They said that national unity was the most important shield in face of dangers and hostile projects.

The conferees said that the dialogue, based on the Cairo and Sana'a declarations and the national concord document, should end up in a political and organizational formula that would reactivate the PLO that would then serve as the higher national leadership of the Palestinian people.

They asked the Arab League and its chairmanship, the OIC and the Arab and friendly countries to seriously act to ensure success of the national dialogue.

They finally warned of the consequences of any Israeli military adventure into the Gaza Strip, adding that such an aggression would mix up cards in the region and the "enemy and its supporters" would be held responsible for the results.

* Source: Palestine Information Centre