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Pr plight of the somali people

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30 April 2008

Press Release

Plight of the Somali People

The Media Review Network (MRN) and the Somali Association of South Africa (SASA) are stunned and disgusted at the apparent lack of interest or concern shown by the international community for the plight of the Somali people.

We are perturbed too that little or no humanitarian aid is being airlifted to Mogadishu and other areas of Somalia.

Our concern is also centred on the fact that no pressure is being placed on the occupying army of Ethiopia, given that much of Somalia’s many problems have arisen from the blazing military invasion of the country. The US-backed Transitional Federal Government [TFG] together with its surrogate, Ethiopia, was warned of the dangers of invading Somalia.

We are pleased though that the Supreme Islamic Courts of Somalia (SICS) have regained control of more than 70% of the countryside, including strategic cities and towns. The TFG and its unwelcome Ethiopian allies have failed dismally to bring about any kind of peace to the country.

International Aid Agencies have warned that the country was headed towards a humanitarian crisis. For too long the international community has chosen to “forget” the needs of the Somali people. The United Nations has conceded that the Somali Crisis is worse than Darfur.

We call on the South African Government to urgently intervene in the crisis and to urge the African Union [AU] to compel Ethiopia to withdraw her troops from the territory and allow the will of the people to prevail.

We also call on the government to guard against the USA’s aggressive policies in the continent, especially under the guise of setting up various AFRICOM bases ostensibly to pursue “terrorists”.

We further call on humanitarian and aid agencies to urgently mobilise relief supplies.

Issued by:

Ibrahim VawdaSenior ResearcherMedia Review Network072 295 0088


Ahmed DawloChairpersonSomali Association of South Africa082 481 1440


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