05 May 2008

Press Release

Salute to Lenasia Wolves Football Club

The Media Review Network (MRN) salutes a young fledging Lenasia based soccer club for displaying a great deal of political maturity in denying the US government a propaganda coup.

We commend the Lenasia Wolves football club for refusing a US grant on the grounds that its social commitment to justice and fairplay will not allow it to accept any funding from the Bush Administration.

The MRN is aware of a campaign by the US embassy in South Africa to gain silence and allies through dishing out US dollars to South African based NGO’s and others. We view this as a political ploy to deflect criticism of US imperialists and militaristic operations in different parts of the world.

The MRN calls on civil society not to be duped by US deception whilst the Bush Administration is engaged in committing terrible atrocities including causing the humanitarian crisis in Palestine.

Issued by:

Ibrahim VawdaSenior ResearcherMedia Review Network072 295 0088