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Abbas’s Palestinian Authority Betrayal of Palestine

Mahmoud Abbas’ outrageous betrayal of the Palestinian course by deferring the United Nations Human Rights Council Goldstone Report is a vindication of MEDIA REVIEW NETWORK’S contention over the past few years that the Palestinian Authority, led by Abbas, Sa’ebErakat and Yasser Abed Rabbo and a handful of quislings, do not represent the aspiration of the Palestinian people.

The fact that Libya insisted on the Goldstone Report be debated at the UN Security Council and Abbas’ belated order to "investigate" the "mistake", cannot hide the PA’s complicity with Israel and USA to oppress its people.The threat to abort a massive Israeli-PA Watani cell-phone deal with Abbas’ son, was used to blackmail the PA if it did not do Israel’s bidding.

Other reports also suggested  that the PA had reached joint corrupt deals with Israel whereby the apartheid  Zionist regime agreed to  license business ventures partially owned by wealthy businessmen linked to the PA, in return for the latter  agreeing to defer discussion of the Goldstone report at the UNHRC.

The MRN urges the South African government to suspend the activities and funding of the "Palestinian ambassador" Ali Halima, who represents only the corrupt ruling clique that torments and kills its own citizens in order to please the Israeli occupier for a few shekels. The ANC would have never accepted a Bantustan leader to represent the aspirations of the SA people.

The MRN again repeats its appeal, in the aftermath of the damning Goldstone Report of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, for the SA government to close the Israeli embassy and recall our ambassador from Tel Aviv. Merely voicing our disapproval for Israeli crimes is a futile exercise.

South Africa's proud history in its fight against the racial oppression of Apartheid which was a Crime against Humanity, raises the expectations of the oppressed masses in Palestine for SA to alleviate their immense suffering. Let us not disappoint them.

Dr. Firoz Osman


Media Review Network

Cell: 082 337 6976