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The Kashmir Carnage

By Ibrahim Vawda

The Media Review Network (MRN) is alarmed at the ferocity of the brutal attacks by the Indian Security forces against the hapless Kashmiri population.

The MRN condemns the detentions and killings of civilians during peaceful demonstrations in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). Kashmir remains occupied as well as a disputed territory.   

The demonstrations were sparked by the vicious and ferocious killings carried out by the Indian security establishment in the Valley, which is made up of the notorious Border Security Force (BSF), Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Rapid Action Force (RAF) and over a million military personnel. Thus far over 50 innocent men, women and children have perished. The latest being a 7 year old boy whose brains were blown out when he was struck by a teargas canister.

The security forces in the Kashmir Valley act with impunity because they are protected by a series of draconian laws, rendering them (the security forces) unaccountable.

The MRN also notes with consternation the apparent silence or lack of coverage by the South African media of this mayhem.

The strategic location of the region demands that parallels be drawn with Palestine. Reminiscent of Israel, India is in defiance of numerous United Nations Resolutions, International Laws and the Geneva Conventions.

The Media Review Network urges our Government to seriously and urgently engage the New Delhi Government and demand the immediate and unconditional cessation of this unjustifiable carnage. The Indian Government should then enter into immediate dialogue with the people of Kashmir to resolve the six-decade old problem, by holding a referendum (plebiscite) as required by numerous UN Resolutions adopted over the years.