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Rabbi should know better

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Rabbi should know better

By Dr Anver Suliman


The title of the article, “Israel’s Holy Warrior” (March 8) was appropriate for Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein. — Dr Anver Suliman, Laudium

DICHOTOMY: Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein

Israel’s holy warrior

Israel’s savage behaviour was demonstrated to everybody all over the world in the recent carnage on Gaza. So brazenly did Israel use chemical weapons like phosphorous and DIME that many legal experts are working to indict Israel for war crimes. Israel is hiding the names of the responsible officers.

As a rabbi, Goldstein should know better, but his blind prejudice towards Israel has led to a dichotomy in his thinking — one of principles of Judaism and the other the racist stance of Zionism.

Ali Mazrui spelt out the behaviour of Israel very succinctly.

He said: “In the Gaza war the Israelis were seen worldwide as cruel military bullies, recklessly bombing the homes and schools of a relatively defenceless population.”

Mazrui continued: “The losers in the war were the Jews of the world. Israelis are now hated because they excel in targeted assassinations and large-scale destruction of their neighbours.

“Whenever Israel commits war crimes as it has in Gaza, it narrows the moral distance between itself and the Nazis. When the Israeli military embarks on a disproportionate degree of killing 100 Palestinians for every Israeli killed, that army is drifting towards what Professor Yeshayahu Leibovitz of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem once called ‘Judeo-Nazism’.”

Goldstein knows Israel can hide its crimes and the names of its officers in this world, but will not be able to hide from the court of our creator in the hereafter.