Picture; (AFP/File)- Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, (L) seen in May, and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai (R), seen in April, will meet on Sunday

A newspaper reported today Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai will meet on Sunday with the two sides drawing nearer to a power-sharing agreement.

The Harare meeting will take place with South African President Thabo Mbeki, the mediator for the talks, expected to fly to Zimbabwe this weekend.

Citing unnamed sources, the paper reported that the meeting “would decide whether ZANU-PF and the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change would come up with a final power-sharing deal this weekend.”

Mugabe’s spokesman today called reports of a deal in power-sharing talks “nonsense”, but Mugabe and South Africa say negotiations over the country’s crisis were advancing.

George Charamba told AFP “all this talk about an agreement that has supposed to have been reached, which is being reported, is utter nonsense,” saying Mugabe had asked him to relay the message.

Power-sharing talks following Mugabe’s controversial re-election began in South Africa after Zimbabwe’s political rivals signed an accord on July 21 laying the groundwork for negotiations.