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Soldier punches a palestinian child in the head

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Israeli Soldier punches a Palestinian child in the head

by Rula Shahwan – IMEMC News

The Israeli military police have arrested an Israeli soldier due to the soldier beating a 12-year-old Palestinian boy and punching him in the head on Monday at a military checkpoint near the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

The soldier however claimed that he wasn’t sane at the time of the attack because he was encountering personal problems.
The soldier, who serves as a military driver in the Jenin area, was travelling in the area several days ago when he encountered a number of Palestinian civilians. He allegedly got out of the car, grabbed one of the children and hit him.

During the incident, the soldier intentionally punched the boy in the head, detained him that let him go after a period of time.

The soldier’s commanders, who found out about this incident, questioned him and reported the incident to the Israeli Investigating Military Police.

The soldier’s lawyer, Mark Kobel, justified it by saying that this was not an act of abuse but rather an incident which only lasted a few seconds.

This incident joins hundreds of incidents which have taken place in the West Bank since Israeli occupied it in 1967, where soldiers killed, injured or abused Palestinians civilians including children.


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