Israeli settlers assault Palestinians in the West Bank, especially in the arid hills south of the flashpoint town of Al-Khalil.

In the latest assaults by Israeli settlers, a Palestinian man was tied to a pole in the West Bank town of Al-Khalil (Hebron) with settlers kicking him as Israeli soldiers stood idle, the victim said on Monday, July 7.

“On Saturday, I went to help relatives work in their fields. There was a fire and at that moment the settlers came and beat us up,” Midhat Abu Karch, 30, said, reported Reuters.

“They tied me up to an electricity pole and continued hitting me.”

A video released by the Jewish-Arab group, Ta’ayush, showed a settler dressed in white kicking Abu Karch, a teacher, in the abdomen near the settlement of Eshael as Israeli soldiers stood by.

“There were soldiers present when the incident happened. I asked them to help me but they said I should wait for police to come,” said Abu Karch.

The video showed one of the soldier later restraining the settler.


Israeli police launched investigation only after the Palestinian man submitted a complaint.

“Following Saturday’s incident police arrested a person from the settlement of Assael and another individual from the same settlement was arrested and questioned over his involvement,” police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said.

“They are suspected of involvement in the incident, not necessarily based on the video but based on our investigation,” he told Agence France-Presse (AFP).

About 500 settlers are housed in several tiny enclaves built since 1980 in the heart of Al-Khalil, home to more than 167,000 Palestinians.

Israeli settlers assault Palestinians in the West Bank, especially in the arid hills south of the flashpoint town of Al-Khalil.

Last month, two Israeli settlers were arrested following a similar incident in the same area when Palestinians filmed a group of four masked men beating an elderly shepherd and his wife with clubs.

Israel occupied the West Bank during the 1967 Middle East war.

Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinians lands are considered illegal by the international community.

With Israeli police turning a blind eye to repeated attacks by armed settlers, Palestinians are now using cameras as their frontline defense to record assaults by Israeli settlers. & News Agencies

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