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South African students slam Isaraeli propaganda

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(source: Press TV)

A group of Zionist youth on a visit to South Africa have very quickly learned that they are unwelcome here. Protests began from the moment they arrived at Johannesburg international airport, where they were forced to escape through back exits and their hosts had to cancel its welcome ceremony.

The group of over 20 students say are in the country to change what they say are negative stereotypes about Israel …But the coalition of South African students which have called for a boycott of the group, say they are not here for dialogue.

At Johannesburg’s Wits university campus, demonstrators disrupted a panel discussion and staged a random protest at the Zionist students’ public relations point.

These are the pieces of a symbolic bridge which the Zionist students had hoped to build. Of course that did not materialise. They have however vowed to continue their campaign at other universities across South Africa.

These include the University of Johannesburg which earlier this year upheld a decision to sever all ties with Ben Gurion university.

According to a letter of support from the Jewish-headed Israel-based human rights group Boycott!, it points out that “the delegation is part of a well-orchestrated attempt by the Israeli establishment to whitewash severe violations of human rights, including war crimes, through a fictitious display of “diversity and democracy”.

A number of those in the delegation do admit to having served in the Zionist occupation army. Anti-Zionist campaigners here say, if the youth want to learn from South Africa’s struggle, they must take meaningful action…The Zionist youth will try to continue their programme until the end of next week, but counter protests are already planned.

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