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Sri lankan president to visit Palestine

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Sri Lankan president to visit Palestine

Sri Lankan delegate announces his president will visit Palestine, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he will visit the country soon.

The Representative of Sri Lanka to the Palestinian National Authority Dr. T. Jayasinghe met the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday in the President’s Office in Ramallah.

The Representative of Sri Lanka handed over a letter sent by the President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa accepting the invitation to visit Palestine.

Arrangements will be made for this visit.

The Representative of Sri Lanka also presented a book named “Al Nakba” (referring to what Palestinians call the “catastrophe” of 1948) written by Mr. Mahinda Hattaka in Sinhala, one of the official languages of Sri Lanka. Mr. Hattaka is the Publicity Secretary of Sri Lanka Committee for Solidarity with Palestine. A gift box of tea from Sri Lanka was also presented to the President.

Abbas welcomed Dr. Jayasinghe, and was happy to hear the news of the Sri Lankan president’s acceptance of his invitation. He also said that he intends to visit Sri Lanka soon.