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Report reveals violations against palestinian children in Isaraeli jails

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Report reveals violations in Israeli jails

The Ahrar center of prisoner studies stated Sunday that a report issued by a legal committee in Israel last week revealed that the IOF troops and Israeli jailers exercise violence and arbitrary measures against Palestinian children either during kidnapping or in jails.

The report unveiled that the jailers in the Ofek juvenile prison located in the Sharon area tie up Palestinian children, force them to sleep on the floor for long hours and beat them with batons in addition to many violations of their rights.

Fouad Al-Khafsh, the director of the Ahrar center, recalled that the center had issued a report about the exposure of imprisoned Palestinian minors to sexual blackmail and harassment, as well as different kinds of extortions and maltreatment.

Khafsh said that the humiliating practices against children starts from the moment of kidnapping them from their homes at late hours and beating them as being transported to Israeli detention centers other than the cruel ways of interrogation and arbitrary proceedings used by Israeli courts against them.

He appealed to Palestinian institutions concerned with human rights to relentlessly activate this issue and to use this report in a way that serves the Palestinian children imprisoned in Israeli jails. PIC