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Starving due to occupation anti poverty coalition

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Anti-poverty coalition: Palestinian people are starving due to occupation

The national coalition for fighting poverty in Palestine has urged the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to immediately mobilize to rescue the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The coalition also sent an open message to the FAO that was hosting a conference on the climate changes and bio energy in the Italian capital Rome, in which they warned that 58% of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank were living under the poverty line.

The message also exposed a number of the Israeli measures against the Palestinian farmers, including bulldozing farms and uprooting fruitful trees, in addition to drowning the Palestinian market with Israeli products with the aim to add more losses to the Palestinian farmers and to spur them to abandon their land.

According to the coalition, the international community must take practical and effective measures in support of the Palestinian people who have been suffering under Israeli occupation for more than 40 years, stressing that it is about time for the international community to mobilize to bring justice to the Palestinian people.

The coalition also revealed that more than 50,000 Palestinian children were suffering malnutrition due to crippling Israeli economic embargo on the Gaza Strip, adding that the blockade forced 95% of the factories in Gaza Strip to close down and to lay off 75,000 Palestinian workers that increased the unemployment rate in the populated Strip.

* Source: Palestine-Information Centre