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Toddler dies after Isarael barred her transfer for treatment

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Toddler dies in Gaza after Israel barred her transfer for treatment elsewhere

The Palestinian News Agency (WAFA) reported on Sunday that a 19-month toddler died at a local hospital in Gaza after the Israeli Authorities barred her family from transferring her to a hospital out of the Gaza Strip.

The infant was identified as Hadeel Jawad Al Haddad, underwent an open-heart surgery in Gaza but needed further medical attention out of the Gaza Strip as the ongoing Israeli siege emptied Gaza hospitals from the basic equipment and medical supplies.

There are hundreds of patients in Gaza who are facing death as Israel is rejecting their transfer to hospitals abroad, and is ongoing with blocking the border crossings and terminals.

The death of Hadeel brings the number of patients who died due to the Israeli siege to 204. Most of the patients who are currently in serious conditions are suffering from cancer, heart diseases, kidney failure and chronic diseases.

In a report release last week, the Palestinian Ministry of Heath in Gaza warned that hundreds of Palestinian patients could die if they don’t receive immediate medical treatment.

Earlier this month a Palestinian man identified as Hassan Issa, 59, died of cancer at a local Gaza hospital after he was barred from receiving medical treatment abroad. Another patient identified as Samiha Abu Jary, 50, died of a heart disease.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that there are more than 450 cancer patients in the Gaza Strip, and all are suffering due to the lack of medicine and equipment.