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Un urged to implement its resolutions on Kashmir

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(source: Kashmir Media Service)

The Executive Director of Kashmir Centre London, Professor Nazir Ahmad Shawl has appealed to the United Nations to recognise the present situation of occupied Kashmir and take notice of latest mayhem orchestrated by Indian troops on Monday in the territory.

Professor Shawl in a statement issued in London urged the UN Secretary General, Chairman Human Rights Council and UN Human Rights Commissioner to recognise and acknowledge the massive participation of the people in various protest Marches. “These Marches are in fact a referendum against Indian occupation,” he added.

The Executive Director asserted that it would be quite timely if a grand political initiative was set in motion by permanent members of the Security Council by organising a round table discussion with India, Pakistan and Kashmir representatives as participants. “The discussion in this round table should be based on the UN package agreed by India, Pakistan and international community long ago. The need of the hour is to utilise UN mechanisms and unfreeze the UN package on Kashmir,” Shawl maintained.