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What is happening to Gaza is big shame on the arabs

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[ 23/11/2008 – 09:12 PM ] 
DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Head of Hamas’s political bureau Khaled Mishaal has condemned Sunday the unexplainable Arab and international indifference to the suffering of the Palestinian citizens in Gaza, describing what is happening in Gaza as "big shame on the Arab Ummah".

Mishaal’s straight remarks were uttered as he spoke to participants in the international Arab conference for the Right of Return that was held in the Syrian capital Damascus, criticizing Egypt’s insistence to keep the Rafah crossing point sealed off despite the looming catastrophe in Gaza Strip.

"Don’t leave the sea to foreign sympathisers". All Arab states could send boats to Gaza", underlined Mishaal.


Futile negotiations: Reacting to the unfruitful Israeli-PA negotiations, Mishaal said that Hamas strongly condemns those negotiations, and puts big question mark on them, especially that it continues amidst the Palestinian political division.

"As far as we are concerned, we believe that the Palestinian negotiator isn't eligible and isn't entitled to carry out such negotiations". Why the negotiations stopped for five years during the term of [late Palestinian leader] Yasser Arafat? and why it remained frozen after Hamas won the elections, and only started after the political division in the Palestinian arena occurred? It is clear that the political division was meant to cover the negotiations, and to give the Palestinian negotiator a free hand in compromising Palestinian national constants", underscored Mishaal.

He also made it clear that Hamas and the Palestinian refugees reject monetary compensation or naturalization in the host countries as a solution to the refugee problem, stressing that the resistance is the right of the Palestinian people till the occupation is removed, and the RoR is an inalienable right for every Palestinian refugee displaced and forced out of his homeland.

"We believe that any one compromising the RoR or talks of difficulties in realizing it was involved in the compensation and naturalization schemes", Mishaal pointed out.

He also addressed Arab states, saying, " Have mercy on the Palestinian people. Provide them with honorable life, and don't force them to seek refuge in foreign countries". Was the Arab world incapable to host few hundreds of Palestinian refugees who fled war-torn Iraq, and were forced to seek refuge in Scandinavian countries after Arab states closed all doors before them?".

National dialogue: The Hamas leader, furthermore, explained that his Movement had welcomed the Egyptian efforts in burying the hatchet between Hamas and Fatah, and dealt with it positively, but, he stressed the dialogue was aborted because the other parties didn't show interest in that dialogue.

"They wanted Hamas to criminalize the resistance, and they wanted to impose the Quartet committee's conditions on the new PA government", Mishaal explained, stressing that Hamas's problem wasn't with Fatah faction, but rather with a certain trend within Fatah faction that dropped the resistance from the PLO charter, and agreed to concede Jerusalem and other Palestinian lands.

Finally, Mishaal urged the Arab leaders to read the new political changes in the world very well, and not to present any additional initiatives, opining that the US president-elect Barack Obama was the one who should present something for the Arabs.