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Issued: 13 March 2015

The Israeli elections taking place on Tuesday 17th March 2015 has aroused interest because the incumbent PM Bibi Netanyahu seems to be fighting for his political life. These elections will have minimal impact for the oppressed Palestinians living under the yoke of Apartheid Israeli regime since 1948.

Israel has no constitution. The Basic Law prohibits any political party or candidate to question Israel’s status as a Jewish state. This is equivalent to giving slaves the right to vote, but not against the institution of slavery!

Furthermore, it is a state that systematically privileges Jewish citizens over non-Jewish ones, that is engineered to maintain a Jewish majority, and that rules over millions of people to whom it grants no political rights because they are not the right religion, making Israel Apartheid state, not as is claimed, a democracy.

Whoever emerges as the victor of the election whether it is Likud Party’s Netanyahu or Isaac Herzog Zionist Union, the prospects for regional and global peace remains bleak. Israel’s control of the American Congress, demonstrated by Netanyahu’s visit despite US President Obama’s opposition, illustrates the danger the Apartheid regime poses to world peace.

The MEDIA REVIEW NETWORK is certain that whichever coalition emerges to rule Israel, the fundamental ideological basis for the entity is Zionism, a racist, colonial and expansionist system that continues to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Issued by:

Dr Firoz Osman


Media Review Network

Cell: 082 337 6979