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‘Iftaar’ Dinner at American Embassy – Pretoria


Issued: 24 June 2015

It has become normal practice for the White House to selectively  invite certain Muslims to an official Iftaar Dinner, hosted by the  Obama Administration. A similar dinner is hosted by the American Embassies in the various countries around the world. It is expected that a number of South African Muslims, selectively chosen, will be invited to the American Embassy in Pretoria to participate at one such dinner.

We wish to caution these “invited guests” that it is the self-same American Government that:

  • has sanctioned Israel’s occupation and oppression of the Palestinians,

  • invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, leaving millions dead and many more homeless refugees,

  • supported and recognised the overthrow of the democratically elected Mohamed Morsi and the installation of the illegal Egyptian regime of Sisi through a military coup,

  • endorsed the overthrow and killing of Muammar Gaddafi of Libya,

  • validated the rebel attack on the sovereign state of Syria by the rebel forces,

  • has remained deafeningly silent on the inhumane treatment of the Rohingya Muslims,

  • authenticated the aerial strikes on Yemen by the Saudis and the Arab League.

  • is responsible for carrying out Drone strikes on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan leaving many dead, destitute and homeless.

  • Also provides the most modern weapons together with intelligence information to support their puppet regime,

and the list goes on.

Whosoever accepts and participates in these “Iftaar Dinners”, must remember that you will be sitting at the same table with persons whose hands are soaked in Muslim blood. You will be advised to stay away from these events as they are calculated to use you as a pawn in their grand scheme to pursue their war on “terror”. This should read as their war on Islam.

Issued By:

Ibrahim Vawda

Media Review Network

Tel: 011 837 3220

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