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Ogaden Somali community In South Africa Press Release: Picketing at African Union summit

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Ogaden people who are currently under the Ethiopian occupation pursue to take the opportunity of using the Africa Union summit to raise their voice. If this Summit was to be held in Addis Ababa, it is and would be impossible for the Ogaden people to raise their concerns and persecutions that are facing under the Ethiopian regime. The Ogaden territory is a door step of AU and has never been discussed by their concern, it is therefore our right as citizens of Africa that our voices and concerns be adequately addressed at the Current Summit being held at the Sandton Convention Centre, in Johannesburg South Africa.  The picketing will be holding on 15/06/2015 at Grayston Dr and West Street at 09:00-12:00pm in Sandton , Johannesburg .


Since the illegal annexation of ogaden to Ethiopia by European powers in 1954, Ogaden people were subjected to untold atrocities in the hands of Ethiopian regimes:

There is an ever increasing political, security and military crackdown, ECONOMIC AND MEDIA BLOCKADE, and denial of humanitarian access to Ogaden, which as a result produced one of the largest refugee communities in the world.



ü  A region of 8 million populations does not have a mere political representation of their choice in Ethiopia.

ü  Ogaden hosts one/third of Ethiopian military, with 250 prisons, detention camps, and 500 other military facilities.

ü  In Ogaden there is only one dry-weather road, one general hospital, and one high school, without running water and 99 percent unemployment rate.

ü  Only one out of  9 Provincial    cities has got electricity



Ogaden people who are represented in PAP by none other than a collective human and moral responsibility of African and world leaders ,Calls upon all African organizations and the world in this conference in general   to put pressure on Ethiopian government to:

ü  Open ogaden to humanitarian, media and trade access and lift the economic blockade.

ü  Allow ICRC and other relevant bodies to visit the death-redden ‘ogaden-jail’ and secret detention centers in Ogaden.

ü  Release the estimated 250,000 political prisoners or bring them to an open court of justice and allow them a legal representation.

ü  To stop the current fighting between Ogaden nomadic people and Ethiopian military at the Somali border where many elders , women and children are being killed ,and displaced

Justice for  Ogaden, Justice for all

Mohamed Adan


Ogaden Somali community In South Africa


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