Issued: 11 June 2015

The Media Review Network (MRN) notes with delight and satisfaction that the tyrant, coward and criminal head of state of Egypt, Al Sisi, has cancelled his visit to South Africa. He was due to attend the 25th Summit of the Heads of States of the African Union (AU) being held in Johannesburg.

The Muslim Lawyers Association (MLA) together with an Egyptian citizen residing in South Africa,  Mr. Mohamed Reda Elorabi, requested the South African authorities to arrest Al Sisi based on the Rome Statute for his human rights violations in Egypt.  As a result of this request Al Sisi cancelled his planned visit. This can only be interpreted as a tacit admission of guilt.

Let all and sundry be reminded that this wimp is holding an innocent South African citizen, Sheikh Dr Abdus Salaam Jad Bassiouni, in detention for 6 months without trial and no charges against him. Sheikh Bassiouni’s health has deteriorated severely as a result of this unlawful incarceration.

It is reported that his prime minister will be representing him at the Summit. This is an indication that Al Sisi has downgraded the importance of the AU Summit by delegating his second- in- command to attend.

The AU must take note that any undemocratic ruler in power as a result of a military coup must never be respected. The AU should and must insist that all governments on the continent respect and honour all democratic principles of free, fair and internationally approved elections. The definition of ‘democracy’ and its application must never be compromised to satisfy the colonialist, imperialist and Zionist agenda.

Issued by:

Ibrahim Vawda

Senior Researcher: Media Review Network

Tel (O): 011 837 3220