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Following on the initiative of their academic colleagues in the United Kingdom and Ireland, South African Academics from almost all South African Institutions of Higher Learning, have come out in support of the boycott of Zionist academic institutions in occupied Palestine.

The Media Review Network (MRN) is in total support of this resourcefulness of the Academics knowing the pressure put on any person/s, organisations or institutions that criticise the Zionist state. In their response, the South African Academics have endorsed the commitment that the Zionist treatment of Palestinians, the human rights violations on an ongoing daily basis, the illegal occupation of Palestine and the unending Zionist resistance to a reasonable and achievable solution to the crisis, cannot be tolerated.

The Academics have vowed to refuse any invitation to visit Zionist institutions, to participate in their conferences or to act as referees in any of their processes. The Academics have declared to maintain this position until the Zionist state obeys and conforms to international law and respects and observes the universal principles of human rights.

This commitment comes in response to a call from Palestinian civil society in the wake of their struggle to sustain some semblance of normal life in obstinately difficult circumstances of occupation. The recent unrest on the streets of Jerusalem and the West Bank is further evidence of the Zionist state’s inflexibility and rigidity.

The MRN congratulates and backs this group of international academics in this highly principled position adopted by them. We believe that many academics working across the university sector around the world will join and pledge their commitment to this humanitarian effort. Civil society has the moral obligation to help shift the dynamics at work in Israel’s relationship with the outside world which will ensure equality, freedom and justice for the Palestinians.

Issued by:

Ibrahim Vawda

Senior Researcher, Media Review Network

Tel: (+27) 0 11 837 3220