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Mahmoud Abbas in SA

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According to a South African Government Press Release, President Jacob Zuma is meeting Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority (PA), today.

The Media Review Network (MRN) is deeply disturbed that President Zuma is meeting Mahmoud Abbas, whose term of office ended in 2009. As such his “presidency” is illegitimate. He is widely perceived in Palestinian circles as a puppet of the American/Israeli axis.

The PA led by Abbas has played a pivotal role in extending and entrenching the colonization of Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Abbas is also complicit with the Apartheid Zionist regime and Egypt in enforcing the collective punishment and strangulation of the illegal siege on Gaza.

It is the diabolical role played by the PA in the illusory ‘peace process’ that allowed the continued oppression of the Palestinians. The Zionist entity Israel has no intention of ever allowing for the emergence of a Palestinian State, or of establishing a two-state solution.

This visit provides an opportunity for President Zuma and the SA government to showcase an SA solution of a single non-racist state based on equality and justice.

This visit raises a few critical questions:
Is Abbas able to initiate any unilateral discussions with President Zuma in defiance of the Apartheid State of Israel? Can he act independently of the Zionist regime’s political and fiscal control? Given the constraints and restrictions within which he and his cronies operate, is it possible that he will veto his pay Cheque?

The Media Review Network urges the South African Government to be mindful of Abbas’s role in affecting the continued colonization and occupation of Palestine. Furthermore, the Zuma Administration must not relinquish its commitment to Hamas, nor to bow to any pressure from Abbas or any other external influences.

Issued by:
Ibrahim Vawda
Senior Researcher: Media Review Network