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PRESS RELEASE: Women’s Boat to Gaza


The Media Review Network (MRN)  fully supports the project of the FREEDOM  FLOTILLA  COALITION,  aptly termed as the  WOMEN’S BOAT TO GAZA. The project aims to challenge the illegal blockade of Gaza by the illegitimate and dishonest  Zionist regime ensconced in Palestine.

The boat, suitably called the “AMAL-HOPE”, is scheduled to set sail for Gaza from the Spanish city of Barcelona on 14th September 2016. The Gaza Strip has been under total and unlawful siege and blockade as a result of the invasion by Jewish settlers from Europe.

The Women’s Boat to Gaza will be carrying women from all over the world including Mairead Macguire, Naomi Wallace, Marama Davidson and Gerd Von Der Lippe.  This initiative hopes to highlight the unconquerable and determined spirit of the Palestinian women in their struggle against the oppression and state terror perpetrated by the only nuclear power in the region.

The South African Chapter of the “Women’s Boat to Gaza” will be sending a delegation on this mission as well as team members to assist  in the preparation of the mission  before departure from Barcelona. Funds are being raised for this purpose. See below for details.

The Media Review Network salutes the FREEDOM FLOTILLA COALITION for this magnificent effort, because “ the occupation is the biggest moral scandal of our times, the most dehumanising ordeals of the century……………………….., and the biggest act of cowardice of the last half- century. All the occupier is offering is carnage, destruction and incremental extermination. The time has come for global isolation”.  (Jon Soske and Sean Jacobs: APARTHEID ISRAEL: THE POLITICS OF AN ANALOGY).

Issued By:

Dr. Aayesha Soni.

Dep. Chairperson

Media Review Network.

For further details please contact the Spokesperson, Zeenat Adam: 0824762780