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MRN Statement on Israel’s Threat to Attack The Women’s Boat To Gaza

The Media Review Network is aware of an imminent threat of interception by Israel of the Women’s Boat to Gaza, which holds the possibility of a vicious military attack as was experienced by the Mavi Marmara.

It is deplorable that despite the loss of lives resulting from Israel’s unlawful piracy in international waters, the Netanyahu regime has yet again threatened to repeat its criminal conduct.

By the same token, it is inexcusable that the United Nations and its Security Council (UNSC) has failed to warn Israel not to proceed with its threat to attack the WBG.

The Media Review Network finds it deeply concerning that as the clock ticks away, an all-women’s group of civilian volunteers aboard the Zeytouna, sailing to Gaza, faces threat to life and limb.

We find it perplexing too that despite these public threats by Israel, and notwithstanding the fact that one of the volunteers on board is a South African citizen, Leigh-Ann Naidoo, the Department of International Relations (DIRCO) remains silent.

We therefore call on the SA Presidency to urgently take steps to ensure the safety of all the volunteers including Leigh-Ann Naidoo. It is imperative for the SA government to provide the necessary protection for its citizen.

The WBG is an admirable effort by brave women from various countries to set sail across the Mediterranean to Gaza, in a peaceful attempt to break Israel’s illegal occupation of it.

This humanitarian mission is in danger of being attacked, unless the international community, including the ANC-led government, steps in to prevent Israel from carrying out any acts of piracy.


Issued by Iqbal Jassat

Exec member: Media Review Network


Twitter: @ijassat

Iqbal Jassat