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International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People.

The Media Review Network identifies with the call that the international community should show solidarity with the people of historic and occupied Palestine.

Zionist Israel is similar to Apartheid South Africa in many ways. Both ideologies have institutionalised racist, settler colonialism. Apartheid South Africa incorporated the economy of the indigenous population, while Zionist Israel, had at its focal point, land, without the inconvenient natives and not their incorporation into the economy.

An act of survival is more than a reactionary struggle for existence. The term survival speaks to the active presence and continued dignity of the Palestinian people, despite the ethnocidal policies of a settler colonial state. The survival of Palestinians is not a given. On the contrary, it continues to be subverted at the most fundamental levels. Palestinians have yet to be recognized and treated as fully human.

The Zionist regime has stigmatised the Palestinians as potential criminals and terrorists. Hence there is a bureaucracy that subjects all  Palestinians to routinely  produce the required “official” documents, permits, identity cards, and paperwork to prove that they are not criminals. Without this officialdom, your existence becomes a criminal offence.  It is here that the eventual elimination of Palestinians is put into practice through policies of dehumanisation, destruction, dispossession and denial.

The MRN implores the world community of nations to demand justice for the Palestinians and the recognition of international laws by the Zionist regime. The UN and the international community must stand firmly behind the oppressed and down-trodden Palestinians.


Ibrahim Vawda

Media Review Network

+27 72 295 0088