The Media Review Network  is deeply concerned that civil liberties of citizens in many countries around the world are being eroded.

The case of Muhammed Rabbani, the Program Director of Cage in the United Kingdom, is a  clear indication that  his civil rights are being gravely threatened since his arrest and subsequent charges that have been laid against him.

Muhammed Rabbani, was stopped by the United Kingdom Border police at  Heathrow Airport while flying back from the Middle East after consultations with his client. It was not the first time that Mr. Rabbani was confronted by the Border police.

His client had instructed him to take legal action in a case involving torture. In his possession,  Mohammed had his client’s testimony which could potentially implicate senior British officials in torture.

The border police wanted Rabbani to hand over his passwords to his electronic devices. This he refused to do to protect his client, who has endured over ten years of torture and hardship. His client has survived the ordeal with honour and dignity.

Rabbani has now been formally charged under the far reaching and dreaded Schedule 7 Law and will be challenging these charges at the Westminster Magistrate’s Court on 20th June 2017.

According to Moazzam Begg, the international Outreach Director for CAGE and an ex-detainee of Guantanamo Prison said that both the United States and Britain have been found to be complicit and responsible for the torture and abuse of hundreds of individuals, it is perfectly right that Rabbani does everything he can to ensure these crimes are accounted for.

The Media Review Network (MRN)  supports the principled position taken by Muhammed Rabbani. We strongly oppose the notion that Muslims must submit to random searches at airports, often prompted by a heard-scarf, a beard or a name printed on their passports. This is very often the case at our international airports.

The MRN is convinced  that the fight against global terrorism must be the ability to move beyond presuppositions and stereotypes in our attitudes and policies. Since 9/11 Muslims have found themselves the objects of suspicion, harassment and discrimination. This only serves to ferment global Islamophobia and does nothing to address the structural causes of terrorism.

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