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MRN Press Statement on Al Aqsa

The Media Review Network deplores and condemns the illegal apartheid regime Israel’s attack on Al Aqsa mosque.

Shedding blood of Palestinian worshippers in the sacred precincts of a revered Muslim institution in Al Quds Al Sharif – Jerusalem, and shutting it down is a flagrant violation of international laws.

These dastardly deeds by Israel displays gross inhumanity which unsurprisingly reflects and confirms the violent and racist ideology of Zionism upon which its shaky foundations rest.

We construe the attack on Al Aqsa as an attack on religious freedom. The military clampdown which denies Palestinian Muslims access to the holy site and its precincts cannot be justified under any circumstances.

We believe the rightwing terrorist regime led by warmongers who have been killing, destroying and suffocating the indigenous Palestinian population for decades, will use any pretext to physically demolish Al Aqsa. This nefarious intent is in keeping with Zionism’s goals to obliterate all signs of Palestinian presence.

It’s a dangerous pursuit which has far reaching consequences. Unless the Netanyahu regime is stopped in its track, charged and prosecuted for multiple human rights crimes, Israel will continue to disregard international humanitarian laws and obligations.

We note too that the recent rapprochement between Israel and a number of Arab dictators led by the despotic Saudi monarchy, has emboldened Netanyahu’s outrageous violations.

We call on the Palestinians to continue their courageous resistance and affirm our solidarity.

The failure of the international community and all the instruments at the disposal of the United Nations, is a tragic indictment of an inability by the so-called guardians of justice to intervene with determined resolve.


Issued by Iqbal Jassat

Executive Member: Media Review Network

011 837 3220

Iqbal Jassat