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PRESS STATEMENT: Martyrdom In Defence Of Al-Aqsa

 The Media Review Network hails the heroic act of resistance by the Palestinian fighters in defence of the Al Aqsa mosque sanctuary.

Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Jabareen, Mohammed Hamed Abd Al-Lateef Jabareen and Mohammed Ahmed Mafdal Jabareen, were martyred after shooting two Israeli occupiers and wounding several others.

It is significant that the martyrs were all residents of Umm al Fahm, occupied by Israel in 1948. This reinforces the determination towards the common goal of all Palestinians, whether in Gaza, the West Bank, those under occupation since 1948 and 1967, and the diaspora, for freedom.

The fact that Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack in a call to Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu, confirms his collaborative role with the Zionists to oppress the Palestinians and protect Israelis.

The MRN pledges its support, and lauds the steadfastness, of the Palestinian people in their legitimate quest for justice against the brutal Apartheid Israeli regime. Victory is certain!

Issued by Dr. Aayesha Soni

Vice Chair: Media Review Network

073 570 9944