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Mass Killings in Texas, US.

The recent mass killings in a church in Texas, USA, must be condemned. All law-abiding citizens of the world must allow the rule of law to take its course so that justice must be seen to be done.

The Media Review Network convey our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the victims. No amount of reasoning or rationalisation as to why and what caused this rage will ease the pain and suffering of the dead and wounded and their families.

Days earlier, a similar dastardly act was perpetrated by Sayfullo Saipov, who was immediately identified as an Uzbek Muslim migrant and labelled a “terrorist”. It was alleged that he was an ISIS sympathiser. No evidence provided. Trump even called for the death penalty. This act of killing innocent bystanders must also be strongly condemned. It can never be condoned, no matter the circumstances.

It is this kind of biased and double-standard reporting by media outlets that adds fuel to the Islamophobia fire. The American media is notorious for dishing up the most delicious ironies. The rest of the world’s media joins them.

When it comes to black and Muslim perpetrators of violence, however, no individual moral agency or rationalisation is sought, nor is a reasoning ascribed. In those instances, entire groups are tarnished with immoral agency – ascribed to the terrorism, gangsterism and criminality we are told are ingrained in black communities, and the bogey of endemic Islamism and terror in the case of Arabs and Muslims.

It is in the US media’s interest to create projections of white violence as atypical, irrational, idiosyncratic – the product of sickness and madness. Trump has already suggested that Devine Kelley had a mental problem. The white elite considers their black countrymen to be on the fringes of society. Devine Kelley’s heinous crimes are framed and excused on his behalf by his more “refined” and “polite” cousins in the mainstream media. But in reality, they are together the executors of a depraved white supremacist mentality.

Media consumers must be cautioned against this form of demonisation of Islam that is occurring in the media environment today. The campaign to sully the image of Islam and set it up as the next ideological enemy of the Western world has actually been taking place in the concrete geopolitical context, where Islam has been “re-structured” and “re-invented” to suit the ideological and strategic needs of certain political and economic powers.


Issued by:

Ibrahim Vawda

Media Review Network