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IRAN “Terror Cells”: MRN Dismisses Israel’s Allegations

Allegations about Iranian intelligence agents operating in South Africa to recruit operatives for suicide missions in Israel, doesn’t only sound sensational, but fictional as well.

As Media Review Network, we are convinced beyond any doubt that these claims made by Israel’s Security Agency, form part of a deliberate misinformation campaign. They are designed to mislead public opinion and distract attention from the enormity of crimes against Palestinians, the reprehensible forced expulsions of African migrants and the ongoing scandals surrounding the Netanyahu government.

Our skepticism is fueled by the fact that Israel’s apartheid regime is deeply angered and frustrated by the ANC’s recent decision to downgrade South Africa’s embassy in Tel Aviv. While solidarity activists in South Africa believe this to be a small step, Israel views it as a major setback. The extreme rightwing Netanyahu, who is pinning his hopes on garnering the support of African states to gain admission to the African Union, knows that if the downgrade resolution takes effect, it will jeopardize his African safari.

In addition, the not-so-secret game plan by Israel, America and Arab regimes, particularly Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt to demonize Iran as a sponsor of international terrorism, would in all probability connive to target the Islamic Republic by implicating it in some or other bizarre terror plots.

By claiming to have uncovered Iran’s hand, it fails to concede that Israel’s own homegrown spooks are operating in South Africa. Undoubtedly the presence of Mossad and Shin Bet agents in South Africa is a matter of concern, not only for the danger thus posed to safety and security, but also for the threat to our sovereignty.

We remain convinced that the allegations are a fabrication and must be dismissed with contempt.

Iqbal Jassat

Exec Member: Media Review Network



Iqbal Jassat