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MRN tribute to a giant: Sheikh Ihsaan Hendricks Abu Yusuf Saleh

Sheikh Ihsaan Hendricks: Dedicated, courageous, visionary and unflinching in his commitment to human rights and justice, has passed on.

Its been our singular honour as Media Review Network, to have carved out an excellent, dynamic and vibrant working relationship with this extraordinary leader.

Together, under his principled leadership of the MJC, we had many opportunities to successfully navigate through challenging terrains.

These dealt with the myriad of violations abetted by America’s destabilising policies especially in the post 9/11 era.

Foremost has been the fall out resulting from its aggressive military campaigns built upon lies and deceit.

Unafraid to tackle challenges and speak truth to power, Sheikh Ihsaan deservedly earned the respect of South Africans from all walks of life.

At the same time, his enormous contribution to the Palestinian freedom struggle, won him accolades from leaders of the Resistance against Zionist #ApartheidIsrael. Of course his high profile and powerful voice which echoed the demands of Palestinians, earned him the wrath of the settler colonial regime and its band of rightwing supporters in South Africa.

Having worked closely with him, I can testify that Sheikh Ihsaan’s unique insight coupled with his ability to marshall his “troops”, will forever be valued and profoundly appreciated as a distinct quality of a brilliant leader.

May Allah grant Sheikh Ihsaan Hendricks maghfira and highest rank in Jannah.

Our condolences to his family and the multitude of comrades throughout the world.


Iqbal Jassat