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Yemen: This Is Murder, Nothing Less 

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The Media Review Network is appalled, disgusted and also ashamed at the blatant murder of innocent Yemeni civilians by the military coalition of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, solidly supported by US and Israel.

We are ashamed that during this period when millions of Muslims are in the Holy Cities of Makkah and Medina to complete one of their obligations to our Creator. The Saudis claim to be the Custodians of the Two Haramain is hollow and meaningless. The killing of any human being goes against the tenets of Islam.

The airstrike on a civilian bus carrying mostly school children, near a busy market place, killing dozens of children, cannot be justified under any circumstances.

What is the difference between the killing of civilians in Rakhine Province in Myanmar, on the streets of Kashmir, in the state of Gujrat in India, in Gaza and the West Bank, in Rwanda and the Central African Republic, in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq? Nothing. All these war crimes and crimes against humanity are carried out by powerful men supported by their military.

The silence of the rest of humanity is more disgusting and revolting. This makes us complicit in these brutal and pitiless violations. For evil to succeed good men need to remain silent.

The Media Review Network calls on the international community to prevail on the Saudis and their coalition  partners to end this senseless unhuman and heartless cruelty. We also urge the South African government to summon the Saudi Ambassador and to impress upon him that we will not tolerate this ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Yemini people.

Issued by :

Ibrahim Vawda
Media Review Network.
011 837 3220