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A Two-State Solution is a Mirage.

Recently a right-wing Likud Minister in the Knesset said ,”the two- state solution is dead”. For once a Zionist politician was being truthful. The Zionist agenda to divide the Palestinians into factions of the Palestinian Authority of Mahmood Abbas and Hamas, created a political opportunity to enhance the vision that there “will never be a Palestinian state”.

Facts on the ground make a “two-state solution” impossible. The West Bank is occupied by illegal settlements, closed military zones, and roads dedicated exclusively to illegal foreign settlers. Let us not forget the Apartheid Wall. In addition, Benyamin Netanyahu when addressing the Chatham House think-tank recently, questioned the modern concept of state sovereignty and its applicability all over the world. Yet we see Donald Trump chasing a “still-born baby”. Who will blink first?

This “never to be honoured promise” (a Palestinian state) had initially been proposed as a political tactic by the British. It continues to be used as a political tactic, though never with the aim of finding a ‘just solution’ to the conflict, as is often propagated.

70 years after the partition of Palestine, there is only one state, although governed by two different sets laws, one that privileges Jews and discriminates against Palestinians.

“A single state has already existed for a long time,” wrote Israeli columnist Gideon Levy in a recent Haaretz column. “The time has come to launch a battle over the nature of its regime”.

Thank you.

Ibrahim Vawda

Media Review Network.

011 837 3220.