Media reports emanating from Israel of a highly placed EL Al Airlines (Israeli National Airlines) official being arrested for alleged drug smuggling between Johannesburg and Tel Aviv, comes as no surprise.

YNetNews reports that:

“ The head of the airline’s Development and Resources Department, Rami Yogev, is suspected of helping a large-scale drug trafficking network bring nearly 15 kilograms of cocaine into Israel from South Africa; former Shin Bet agent also among suspects in the case”.

Besides drugs what else is being smuggled in and out of South Africa? Arms, maybe, for carrying out false flag operations?

The Media Review Network (MRN), alerted the Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA) in 2008 of the activities of El Al officials and agents of Shin Beth at O R Tambo International Airport.

The El Al officials ignore all protocol and act with impunity and discriminate against South African citizens and other passengers by profiling them based on religion, colour and ethnicity. Victims of harassment amongst others include :

  • Virginia Tilley: Political Science Researcher
  • Alta Klein: Partner of Bevan Fransman: Bafana Soccer Star.
  • Abeer  Zayyad:  Palestinian Archeologist
  • After the assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud Mabhooh in Dubai, Mossad agents used O R Tambo International as their escape route.

When questions were raised regarding these activities, a diplomatic spat developed between South Africa and Israel. Israel also threatened to shut down the El Al operations

In 2009, the South African Authorities deported a security official, Yossi Tabul, for his dubious activities at O R Tambo International Airport.

This arbitrary form of discrimination violates the very principles of our Constitution which binds all parties including the operators of El Al.

The MRN repeats the questions we asked in 2008: Has South Africa’s security been outsourced to foreign agents? Is Israel given special permission to operate with impunity at O R Tambo which threatens South Africa’s security? Is Israel given special dispensation over other international airlines operating in and out of O R Tambo International Airport?

The sooner our security cluster and ACSA answer these questions, in the national interest, the better.

Issued by:

Ibrahim Vawda

Media Review Network.


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Ibrahim Vawda

Ex educator and spent the last 14 years in education as headmaster. A proud Muslim and keen internationalist. Passionate about human rights issues. No respect for politicians.