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With the approach of Ramadan, Muslims around the world are expected to be engaged in heightened consciousness to inculcate values of justice, empathy for masses of the downtrodden and to embody Islam’s principles of solidarity with marginalized peoples of the world.

As we journey through the fasting month we hope to instil a high degree of compassion and commitment within each one of us to eradicate injustice as one of the root causes for poverty, inequality and oppression. After all, Ramadan provides an opportunity to introspect in order to overcome spiritual poverty and to devote resources to improve lives. A jihad indeed!

Yet the levels of repression experienced by humanity in many parts of the world have tragically worsened year on year. Casualties caused by Syria’s bloody civil war; unending drone attacks in Afghanistan, refugees fleeing ghoulish nightmares, death and destruction in Yemen, Kashmir, Somalia, Libya, Myanmar…all point to an unending list of horrors recurring, Ramadan after Ramadan. A case in point most Muslims are familiar with is Palestine.

Despite our extended hours of intense worship during Ramadan, our souls seem to be insulated. And tragically, immunised from shocking reports of “normalization” of relationships with the chief architects of international oppression, Israel and the United States. Leading the pack of unconcerned and indifferent Muslims are the self-appointed “custodians” of the Haramain in Mecca and Medina and their allies in the Middle East. 

These Arab despots have connived with Trump and Netanyahu to capture their family fiefdoms. They have shamelessly adopted a pro-Zionist position. They do so publicly and in league with the dictators of Kuwait, the UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Egypt. Their message to the Muslim world and the Palestinians in particular is “we don’t care about your plight because our thrones matter more”.

Whether this Ramadan will truly awaken Muslim consciousness and inspire them to not only intensify their efforts in the service of humanity but also to fearlessly oppose the “enablers of oppression”, is left to be seen. 

The Media Review Network (MRN) wish Muslims, nationally and internationally, well during the Month of Ramadhan. We strive to secure the pleasure of our Creator and we hope and pray that He will be pleased with us.  AMEEN.

The Management and Staff of MRN.