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A court in Israel recently sentenced Amiram Ben Uliel also known as the “Jewish Terrorist” for firebombing the Dawabshe family’s West Bank home, killing an 18-month-old baby and his parents, due to his extreme and racist ideology. He carried out this deadly act in 2015. Handing out the sentence, the Lod District Court said Amiram Ben Uliel, 26, committed the attack out of “extreme and racist ideology”. This same guy and one of the accomplice, were previously convicted over the 2015 arson attack, described as one of the most brutal acts of Jewish terror in recent years.

However, given the way that Zionist Israeli regime operates, there are questions that need to be raised. Why did the regime wait all these years to finally convict Ben Uliel? Is the timing not linked to the recent peace overtures between Israel and the Gulf Arab states? Let us problematize this a little.

The State of Israel since its inception, is known as one of the most complicated states  on the face of the earth. The Israeli intelligence (Mossad) and the USA (CIA) are the most sophisticated intelligence agencies ever to exist in the history of mankind. Whatever they do is always well thought out, calculated, and always meant to fit into a puzzle. I will hereby attempt to highlight three possible scenarios that this whole issue could possibly be. The first one could be, that it is meant to show up Israel as a law-abiding country with an independent judiciary which is a requirement of a democratic state. This is far from the truth. Those who follow Israel’s judiciary and the way it operates, will disagree with the first scenario. They know that it is the most biased judiciary that will not apply  justice to anyone, especially non-Jews (gentiles) let alone the Palestinians. Based on this,  it’s possible that this court judgement could be a stage-managed public relation stunt meant to buy the sympathy of the world and mislead the Arabs to enter into these so-called “peace” initiatives which will see Israel emerging as the lone winner in this game.

The second possible scenario could be that Amiram Ben Uliel might not actually see the inside of the prison cell. What guarantee will Israel give the world that it is actually holding Uliel inside one of its prisons? Given the nature of the secrecy that surrounds the Israeli prisons, no one will ever verify that the regime is really holding this guy in detention. What is true about Zionist justice system is that it is at best  biased, especially when it involves non-Jews. In Zionist Israel, people like Ben Uliel are heroes. One simply needs to look at their history since 1948 to know that. It is meant to be like that because of its racial and apartheid nature which says Jews are special or the chosen people of God. They will not share the same justice with non-Jews. So, the possibility of Ben Uliel not actually serving his sentence is very possible.

The third possible scenario is that Ben Uliel might leave Israel and be set up in a country like USA where he will be given everything he desires in life. He may be put in one corner of the USA and be able to live for the rest of his life. Nothing stops that possibility because to the Zionist state of Israel, Ben Uliel is a hero. It has been so since the establishment of the Zionist state. All past Israeli leaders like Ariel Sharon, Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netanyahu, Golda Meyer, and Menachem Begin, all gained popularity because of how many Palestinian Arabs they killed. They were voted into office just because their main exploit was the killing Palestinians.

However, many Arabs in the Gulf countries have woken up to smell the coffee. Many of them are not buying into this so-called “peace initiative”.  They are treating the plan with the contempt it deserves. I wonder if the Arab rulers in the Gulf will manage to quell the expected hostilities in their countries. The possibility going forward in the Gulf countries is that of turmoil and the spilling of Arab blood. The mistake they made was they started by playing the Islamic card and got a lot of their people to buy into that. Now they are trying to reverse that development.  This will surely pose an imminent threat to these illegal Arab monarchies.

One does not need to be a Prophet or a Seer to know that in the short term, the Middle East will see bloodshed on a large scale soon. Many Arabs will not take to abandoning Islam and the Palestinian cause for night clubs and brothels that many of these Arab leaders want. This instability will play into the hands of the Zionists and the USA.

In the end, Iran could be the real winner if the rulers in Iran remain steadfast in their faith!


Dr Mustafa Mheta

Researcher/Head of Africa Desk

Media Review Network


011 837 3220